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MPO Female to Female 40GBase-SR Multimode OM3 QSFP+ Fiber Optic Cable 12 Fibers 10 meters, Type B

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Fiber Category OM3
Fiber Type Multi mode
Number of Fiber Cores 12 fibers
Type of Connector 1 MPO Female (un-pinned)
Type of Connector 2 MPO Female (un-pinned)
Cable Length 10m
Outer sheath colour Aqua
Outer diameter per core 3mm
Cable jacket material LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
Strength member Aramid Yarn
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Cable Polarity Type B
MPO Attenuation ≤0.5dB
MPO Return Loss ≥25dB
OFL bandwidth ≥ 1500 MHz.km @ 850nm
EMB ≥2000MHz.km @ 850nm

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MPO F/F 40GBase-SR Multimode OM3 Fiber Optic Cable 12-Fiber 10 meters Polarity Type B

MPO (MTP) female to female trunk cables (patch cables) with type-B polarity are used to interconnect QSFP+ transceiver modules to perform 40G data transmission speed.

QSFP+ transceiver modules have interface type of MPO/MTP with 12 fibres. This interface accomplishes 40G speed by utilizing 4 x 10G channels. This means 8 pieces of fibre cores, four of which is for TX and other four is for RX. 

This type of polarity connection is called Type B

The MPO tails are protected on both sides with a clear plastic protection sleeve which can be closed with a re-usable tie wrap.


  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3;
  • 10/40/100GbE / Fiber Channel PI5;
  • 4-8-16G / InfiniBand Architecture spec Volume 2


MPO trunk cable