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Dome Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure

6*24 Casettes, 144 Cores, PC material, Vertical

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Type of material PC (Polycarbonate)
Number of cable entry points 3
Number of cable exit points 3
Number of Splice Trays 6 * 24-core casettes
Capacity 144 Fibres
Application Type Outdoor
Mounting Aerial, wall-mount, buried
Dimension Φ230×460
Weight 4Kg
Colour Black
Cable Diameter Φ7 ~ Φ24
Sealing of cable entries Heat-shrinkable sealing tube
Sealing of Shells Silicon Gum Material

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Dome Type Vertical Splice Closure with six casettes, 144 cores splicing, PC material


Fiber optic splice closure is the equipment used to provide space for optical fiber splicing and also to provide protections for the spliced fiber joint point and the fiber cables.
Typical fiber optic splice closures are vertical type and horizontal type, there are various kinds of optical splice closures suited for different applications, such as aerial-hanger, wall-mount, directly burying.
Generally, fiber optic splice closures are used outdoors.

Vertical type fiber optic splice closures look like a dome, thus they are also called dome type. ON-FOSC-6144A is a vertical closure.

ON-FOSC-6144A Closure allows three cables in and three cables out (with four  stand-alone round Cable  Entry Ports and one oval cable entry port).

It accommodates the straight-through splicing and  branching of the cable which is used in aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or direct  buried.

The Closure is an openable box which is made from high-quality PC. The shell of the closure and the foundation plate are sealed with Silicon Gum Material which fixes tightly by hoop. And the entry ports are sealed by heat-shrinkable tube. The  Closure can be opened and used again.

Unique disposition of different cable loops( φ7 ~ φ24) enables user to choose different outer diameter according to actual conditions.

Outer metal component and fixing unit are made of stainless steel, so can be repeatedly used in different environments.

The shell material of this closure is high quality PC (Polycarbonate) which is very good at weather resistance, flame retardancy, and electrical insulation.


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